True or False Signs a Shy Guy Likes You, Revealed

Signs a shy guy likes you

Shy guys are a species of their own. Up is down, down is up, they are indecisive when they are certain and quiet when they want to be heard. If dating was poker, shy guys would be very difficult to read. Unless of course, you know the rules and signs a shy guy likes you.

You have to understand that most shy guys suffer from low self esteem. They can be popular in their group of friends. They can be athletic, good looking and still be shy with girls they don’t know.

They could have come from a poor family environment. Or they might have had some unpleasant experiences in their childhood, which has caused this low self confidence.

We will discuss the myths and the truths about shy guys. Some of the stuff you’ve read about shy guys is complete garbage. Here is the truth:

True or false signs a shy guy likes you

A shy guy stares and looks away if he likes you

TRUE. A shy guy will look in your direction if he is attracted to you. He will stare at you. As soon as you look back, he will look away in embarrassment.

The way a shy guy’s mind works

If you catch the shy guy looking in your direction, simply smile. The smile will be welcoming and it might ease their tension.

Shy guy: She is really beautiful, I really like her…if she was my girlfriend I’d be so happ-oh crap she’s noticed I’m staring at her, I better look away!

Oh man, now she’s going to think I’m the creepy guy that stares at her. I’ll never date her; she’s out of my league. She’s way too pretty to be with me.

I’m going to look at her to make sure she’s not looking at me. Ok good, she’s back to doing whatever it is she was doing in the first place. Boy this is embarrassing, I don’t even have the courage to talk to her. What would I say? She’s really, really beautifu-oh crap! She looked back again.

Ok no more looking at her…

Shy guy’s put themselves down unintentionally. If you catch the shy guy looking in your direction, simply smile. The smile will be welcoming and it might ease their tension.

A shy guy will avoid talking to you if he likes you

Shy guys have a difficult time believing that someone likes them.

TRUE. This is what makes shy guys very confusing. If a shy guy likes you and feels as though you are onto him, he will simply avoid you. Shy guys have a difficult time believing that someone likes them, or would like to date them. They think that you are trying to embarrass them. For this reason, they will play dumb and even avoid you.

Shy guys talk to their friends about you

FALSE. Most shy guys keep their crushes a secret. His diary or notebook might have some clues about his secret crush, while his friends will know nothing about it.

A shy guy will do any favor for you

They are too shy to pull the trigger and ask you out.

TRUE. Most shy guys will do just about anything you ask them to, in order to have some sort of interaction with you. Over time, shy guys will slip under the radar and go directly to the friend zone. They are too shy to pull the trigger and ask you out.

A shy guy appears at the same places as you if he likes you

TRUE. If you are a waitress or working in retail, you may notice a shy guy always lingering about. This is definitely one of the signs a shy guy likes you. Say hi and get the conversation going.

A shy guy will be lost for words if he likes you

TRUE. If you do get the conversation going, you’ll notice that he may be lost for words. You may ask a question, he may give you a one-word answer. Other times, the shy guy may begin to talk faster than usual.

A shy guy may try to touch you if he likes you

FALSE. This is true for social butterflies and charmers. These individuals are very friendly and charismatic. They will try and touch you to build comfort. A shy guy, on the other hand, will NOT try to touch you in order to be less obvious about his feelings.

When do shy guys get embarrassed?

If a shy guy likes you, he will get embarrassed if you find out.

Shy guys get embarrassed when their motives are recognized by others. If a shy guy likes you, he will get embarrassed if you find out. Regardless if the feeling is mutual, a shy guy may feel uneasy about the situation.

Every shy guy wants to talk to the person they have a crush on. Their shyness gets in the way of this. They may even start to avoid you because they’ll feel embarrassed.

You can avoid this mess by being friendly and saying, hi. Smile, and be welcoming. They’ll open up and start talking to you once they are feeling comfortable.

Things shy guys won’t admit

Shy guys won’t admit they have a crush on you. A shy guy may be in love with you, but if you ask them:

“Do you like me?”

They may answer with something ridiculous, like:

“No not really, you’re like a sister to me”

They’ll say anything to hide their true feelings. If you encounter something like that ridiculous example, fire back with:

“That’s a shame, because I really like you (smile)”

This will open them right up.

Remember to be friendly, smile and engage the conversation. Shy guys are a whole other species; but once they become comfortable, they’ll come out of their shell and show you the wonderful person within.


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So I am a freshman in high

So I am a freshman in high school , i am 14 and there is this guys I like ,we were in middle school together ,and he's a year older than me . when I first got to middle school I had a huge crush on since the first the i saw him and I still can't get over him even if I try, we used to make eye contact , but now sometimes when I sit behind him he looks around and behind him and pretend like he is looking at something behind me but I don't know if he feels the same way that I feel about him once he talked to me I ignored him caused i was so surprised and now I feel like a total looser and I don't even know how to talk to him cause I am shy and I don't think that he would go out with me cause there is a lot of girls who like him.
Please help me!!!

Posted by Guest on Wed, 08/10/2016 - 02:11
Theres a guy that i have

Theres a guy that i have liked for over a year now. He is a junior and i am a senior now. I had one class with him when i first saw him my junior year. I remeber sitting at the desk on the first day and i felt someone staring at me from my left. i was scared to see who it was because out of my periferal vision i could tell he was very atractive. eventually i would look at him and he would look at me but then look away fast. Then he really started staring at me a lot at home football games and at homecoming, we made eye contact and we both froze and it was like it was just us and nobody else. from that moment on he was walking around me and following me but he never asked me to dance. Then other times we would have to sit by each other and by his body language i could tell that he was very nervous and he also got really close to be and was invading my personal space. He would sit towards me with his legs open a little and his arm across my part of the desk and talk to his friend.
His friend would also sometimes ask me if i have a boyfriend or like anyone with that guy sitting right by him but he would never talk. i realy like him but i am the shy type as well and am way to nervous. every time i make eye contact my face turns bright red and its so embarrising. that is why i dont like to look at him. i wish he would talk to me...i mean we have talked but it was homework related but not personal....i just want to know how much he likes me.

Posted by Guest on Mon, 08/08/2016 - 04:03
Great post dude! fun looking

Great post dude! fun looking site aswell.

Posted by Guest on Wed, 07/06/2016 - 23:35
Ok so there's this guy who's

Ok so there's this guy who's my best friends brother and we have to practice dancing for her quince and hes her partner and there some dances I don't know how to dance and to and so he tells me to dance with him to make it easier but idk if that's and excuse and I'm a freshman in high school while he is a senior and I'm 14 and hes turning 18 next week. I always catch him staring at me then once I look he turns and acts like he was doing something and if I'm frowning at him he gets to make me smile and he never stop smiling at me and his mom and siblings take me home after practice and he sits next me usually and tells jokes and true to get to know me and people say I'm mature for my age a lot of people think that I'm 16 half the time and to me I feel like I make him happier but I don't know if I'm in the friend zone if he's doing all of this for example the other day at practice he had a head ache and I went up to him and started talking to him and I was making him laugh and happy and then when I put my head down when I was tired he was concerned if I was ok and I said Ya and also his sister knows and says it's not weird and she thinks he likes me but she said she doesn't know because he never expresses his feelings to her so I just want to know if he likes me someone please help!!!

Posted by Guest on Sat, 07/02/2016 - 04:24
So there is this guy I have

So there is this guy I have liked for about 8 months this year. I am in 15 years old. Last year I liked him for about 2 months even thought he had a girlfriend. Then I stopped liking him and suddenly this year, at the beginning of the school year, I say him staring at me a couple of times. He started to come up to me and talk to me while we were in class and we became really close friends. He would always tease me and I guess he flirted with me. He would call my name and when I looked at him he just stared at me smiling. After about 3 months of having a crush on him, me and my girlfriends had a party were we had to invite dates. Since he was the boy I talked to the most, I decided to invite him even though his friends told me he was shy. After I invited him, there was 1 week until the party and we didn't speak the whole week. At the party, he did speak to me and still teased me like before. He was even a gentleman, he offered me his jacket and wanted to bring me my plate with food, I denied both things because I was too shy. After we ate dinner, I went to dance with my friends, but he didn't dance to we didn't talk in the party after dinner. He then left without saying goodbye and about a month later, we had christmas break, he unfollowed me on instagram, so I unfollowed him back. He avoided me when we returned to school. But then I started to catch him staring at me often. We have many class period together. One time, me and my friend stayed after school to finish a project, and my crush and his friend also stayed beaches didn't finish either. We where doing a project with balloons and I had my balloon that I blew on, he knew the balloon was used by me, and my friend is friends with him but they don't speak in that class period because I am there, I went to the bathroom and when I came back, I tried the experiment again and blew on the balloon, the experiment didn't work and I was tired so I told my friend that it was her turn blowing on the balloon. She started to laugh and told me that she didn't want to blow on it because it was already used my me and my crush. I told her that it was only used by me and not my crush and she said that when I left he blew on it, he was there and he denied blowing on it but his friend also said that he did. In a class, were we have assigned seats, he was 2 seats away from me by my side so we always turned his whole body to look my way even thought the teacher was not in my direction and just stared at me. I am very shy so when I looked at him, he still stared at me in my eyes. I looked away quickly but he still did that for several classes. In another class, he sits in front of me but his body is always facing at me. He glances at me a lot. And we make a lot of eye contact. I have caught him staring at me many times and about 2 days ago, I caught him staring at me and when I looked at him, he looked away quickly but then looked at me again about 3 seconds later. I don't know if he likes me, we still don't talk and I am to nervous to go talk to him. He is giving me mixed signals and yesterday, we had a party of the whole generation, he was drunk, and a girl didn't stop flirting with him, I guess he flirted with other girls to. At the end of the party when we was going to leave (he wasn't drunk anymore) he came over to say goodbye to my friends and I didn't think he was going to say goodbye to me because our goodbyes are like a kiss on the cheek but he did say goodbye to me. We only have a week left of school and it's for exams, on friday we are going to have a big party were he is going to be there. I don't know what to do. Can someone pleaaaaase help me I am dying on the insiiiiide I donttt knooww whaat to dooo. What should I do?? DOEES HE LIIKE MEE??

Posted by Guest on Sun, 05/29/2016 - 16:36
I've liked this guy for a few

I've liked this guy for a few months in my music rehearsals we've talked a few times and they've always been a bit awkward but at the same time good .ive caught him staring at me many times and when a talk he can't look me in the eye but he's funny and seems well with speaking . But then there'll be times where we won't talk at all. But he still looks at me so I gave him a note saying I liked him . H reinstall really give an answer and the rehearsal after he was trying to avoid eye contact but I caught him looking and we didn't talk so I texted him thinking it would help but he didn't reply to my message and I only said hi . I'm getting doubts that he likes me because he's super nice so he probably was just being polite. It's really frustrating

Posted by Guest on Sat, 05/14/2016 - 00:24
There's a guy I met in Europe

There's a guy I met in Europe on exchange last year who is super, insanely smart. I don't think he's ever had a girlfriend before, and he's often...awkward...when it comes to approaching people (let alone girls). We've been talking through FaceBook almost every day for the past 4 months, and he seems to be very comfortable around me. All in all, I think he likes me but i'm still attempting to get a read on how he feels about me. As in, does he see me as just a friend or something more? We constantly play around, make fun of politicians, and act like geeks with each other, and he initiates more frequently than I do. It sometimes takes him hours to respond to my message after already seeing it, so I wonder if he talks to me out of boredom. He also sometimes doesn't respond to my message period.

I know the best thing to do would be to ask him and gain some closure from that, but i'm honestly afraid to do something so drastic while being so far away. I'm going back to school in Europe, so i'll be near him in a few months. He also knows that I am planning to return to his country. WHY WON'T HE MAKE A MOVE!?

Posted by Guest on Sun, 04/03/2016 - 13:33
So, I've liked this guy for

So, I've liked this guy for more than five months. He is truly a shy guy because every time I try to pay attention in class he is always looking back at me. Literally, he stares at me every single day! Whenever our eyes meet, it's basically like a five-to-seven second glance. I asked to this dance where the girl ask a guy to go to the dance with them. He turned down the offer and I was completely fine with that. So I went to the dance by myself and as soon as I walked through the door, there he was with some of his buddies. He looked so ashamed of himself. I danced with some of my friends that were there at the dance, and the entire time I could feel his eyes on me. My best friend asked him why does he stare at me all the because she also notices when he looks at me. He completely denied the entire staring thing. So, months down the road, my friend finds out from another friend that he said I was weird and creepy. That really broke my heart. I really had deep feelings for this guy and it immediately got crushed like a bug. I was like, " He doesn't think his staring is creepy enough?!" I was so upset that I was very unhappy for those past three days. So my question is, "What else can I do to figure what I did wrong?"

Posted by Guest on Fri, 03/25/2016 - 09:06
You didn't do anything wrong

You didn't do anything wrong don't worry, guys are just stupid sometimes... he was just probably embarrassed because he probably likes you back... okay so the first probability is he (lets say your crush is name is sami) is shy so he probably didn't tell his friends and when they found out he liked you, he instead created a fake lie and pretended to hate you, which is so dumb because he thinks he is doing the right thing, boys are stupid sometimes! The second probability is that his friend (lets say his name is jack) liked you and probably either knew or found out "sami" liked you so he wanted you to think "sami" hated you so that you somehow liked him (which btw don't do because thats not a smart move)- Hope this helped you and hope it helped me too

Posted by Guest on Fri, 09/30/2016 - 14:45
Hey can someone help me!! :(

Hey can someone help me!! :( doez this guy like me because i feel like he does hes a.shy guy to
. So i go to work.exp in college bcuz its hard to find any so.i end up in college xDahahha and so i go every
Friday and i see him every friday he comes and sits 2 desks away from me
In front . So he glances at me looks and stares at me ffor like 3 sec if i look at
Him he looks away immdiently haha he does that everytime.i see him
Thouh he didnt smile haha o.well but im pretty sure he does what do you think
:/ im.also shy :'( gosh who knew crushes could be so hard xD
Reply plz

Posted by Guest on Sat, 03/12/2016 - 21:42
Ok! There's a boy in my class

Ok! There's a boy in my class and he's really cute and nerdy (my type of guy!) Anyway he is REALLY shy and I've seen him look at me in class a couple hundred of times! Anyway I can tell that it was going really well till one of my friends came along and said we were in love. I was SO EMBARRASSED

Posted by Guest on Fri, 03/11/2016 - 22:13
I don't even know where to

I don't even know where to start. So basically I have this guy friend who I talk to at school most of the time. I only really have 2 classes with him but we still text. In History he sits in front of me but he's always sitting sideways. Like basically he doesn't just look to the front he turns his body half way. I always kind of notice him staring at me. My friend sits right next to me and him and my friend are always planning things to tease me. He always agrees with her and just teases me more. He always tries to make me smile and always gives me hugs. When we were texting he just randomly got into the topic of dating, first kiss, etc.. I said I haven't had my first kiss yet and he acted all surprised. He was like "don't worry, you will one day." And the other day since he always teases me I was like "you're so mean!" Joking around. He responded "i'm not mean, only to you." At school he's really shy but when I talk to him he's open. I could see the difference between him hanging out with his friends and him talking to me. I really like him because he's just so sweet, funny, and so much more! I just don't know if he feels the same way about me.

Posted by Guest on Sun, 02/21/2016 - 16:55
Ok so I met this guy at a

Ok so I met this guy at a camp during the holidays and he said he knew me because he goes to my school. I didn't even realise he went to my school until he mentioned it! Throughout the camp he hinted at a few things I had done for the school (public speaking yada yada) like a remembered things about me and he was really sweet. Quite obviously I have a MAJOR crush on him!
Flash forward and we're back at school, we haven't talked since school started but I always catch him looking at me (probably because I kept looking at him) but we still haven't talked. My friends are so sure he likes me but I'm way to nervous to make the first move, I can hardly hold his gaze! I have no idea what to do and I might be seeing him tomorrow night! He makes me so nervous but so happy

Posted by Guest on Fri, 02/19/2016 - 11:59
So along with the others in

So along with the others in this post, i also like a guy. I am aware this is a shout into the void because no one will answer this, as all the other cries for advice and help have not been answered. Anyways, I was reading this article because i wasn't sure if the guy i like is shy or not about his feelings. My crush and i are both freshman in high school. So this guy, let's call him J, is someone i've liked since the beginning of this year (2016) when we were put next to each other in biology class. He is really smart, funny, talented, cute, outgoing with his friends, etc. I didn't have those type of feelings before but for some reason i did feel an attraction to him even before we started sitting next to each other. His best friend also sat at our table as well, and together they were loud and always joking around (inappropriately but it was funny). I was comfortable talking to him at that time because i didn't have strong feelings for this guy. He's into cars so we would talk about cars and laugh and joke around and him and his friend would always tease and mess with me and tell me jokes. I started noticing him and liking him and i was happy and looked forward to that class. He liked to lean over and whisper in my ear some joke, or say a joke and would turn to me to see if i was laughing or see how i would react, he would also involuntarily help me out with work or things and would always be playful with me. There are several days i can remember that i could sense the sparks between us and i think he did too (maybe) which is one time where we went to our class early (after lunch) he was waiting outside and kind of followed me around and into the classroom, and it was completely dark in the room and we were the only 2 people in the room and for some reason there was disco lights and we were standing so close and he was whispering something to me and he looked down and smiled at me...but then people started coming into the classroom. Then we would always sit SUPER CLOSE to each other in class, our legs/feet and arms touching all the time and he would lean on me and place his hand really close to mine on the table. Also he would mess around with my stuff that i had on the table. He also would put his legs on my stool when i got up to get something and i would just laugh and playfully shove it off and then he would put his legs on my lap. He always made me laugh and i caught him glancing a lot at me in class in the hallways. Also after school, he would sit on the opposite benches from me outside school and when he got up to leave, he would always pass by my bench and glance at me. One day in class, we were sitting really close, and under the table he put his leg over mine (think of when you cross your feet together, he put his right foot/leg over my left foot/leg) and he kept it there for 20 minutes and also we kept glancing and smiling at each other and leaning onto each other kind of, as in our shoulders and arms were touching the whole time. (I think our teacher could even tell because he was asking questions like...why are you guys sitting so close, and also his best friend would be like u guys should totally hook up). After that class, i could tell he was waiting for me as if he wanted to talk to me because he usually goes out with his friend but he was kind of stalling and then went out when i went out the class. Then i was walking with my friend right behind him and was smiling alot and blushing because it seemed he wanted to talk to me because he was walking really slow and kept glancing back at me, but i was too shy at that point to talk to him). I was so happy that day. He told me he is a taurus (zodiac sign) and i also am a taurus. Outside of biology he would never come up to me and talk to me, but after school we always saw each other sitting on the benches and he would walk by or glance at me from the bench/when he was walking by. I wasn't sure at that point if he likes me or not, but there were many more signs that he did like me. I was thinking, maybe he's secretly shy when it comes to crushes, because with everyone else he is super loud and outgoing. I also am outgoing and loud when it comes to good friends, but with crushes i am mute. He is not the type of guy that flirts with girls but he has like 4 gal friends that he hangs out with at lunch along with his other guy buddies. He's the type of guy that mostly hangs out with his guy friends more than anyone else. OH YEAH... (i just remembered another time) so it was after school and it was pouring outside, but we had to wait for our buses so everyone was waiting outside under the cover of the school, and he was outside (along with everyone else). His friend group was over there on the ground talking and i was just standing with my friend (that he doesn't know) and another friend (who was once of his few gal friends) and he was with his friend group but when he saw me he got up and came over and stood by me and said heyy as if he were talking to the gal friend but she kind of ignored him and continued talking to me, but i noticed he was standing almost shoulder to shoulder with me and just looking around as i was talking to my friend. Even after the gal friend left, he still stood next to me until he had to go because his ride was here. At that point i had hopes that maybe he did like me. Then valentines day rolls around and i convince myself that i can tell him i like him and he may like me back. Its Friday, and everyone is going valentine's crazy (even though it was on Sunday) and i see him and we glance at each other a couple of times in school. Then it is after school and i tell my friend im going to tell him but then i guess he had to leave early because then he gets up and this time, even more than ever, he walks by me and were just having a staring contest with each other and he keeps looking at me and kind of looking away and looks at me again, and me as well, and my friend is telling me to go tell him before its too late, but oops hes already gone, and i tell her i will tell him on Monday. So its Monday (actually today) and i have biology today and its a new grading period and that means sadly, we are switching seats. So unfortunately i didn't end up at the same table as him (but his best friend did) and i was kind of bummed, but really i was planning to tell J that i liked him before we switched seats. (I forgot to mention but ALOT OF MY FRIENDS know i like him) so one friend, who is another gal friend of J (and of me ofc) is really loud and obvious about it and i told her earlier today that i would tell him today...and she's like hehehe okok. So im given the opportunity to tell him but i just chicken out again and shake my head at her saying im not going to do it right now. Then she "demonstrates" saying to me REALLY LOUDLY "its so easy, you just do it like this" and she demonstrated by telling this random dude that she likes him (she really didnt) and I'm like dude now people are gonna wonder why your telling me this because now they obviously know that im trying to tell someone i like them, and J and his best friend are looking at me and im like "DUDE" in my head to my friend and shes just laughing. I ended up not doing it that class because i was too scared, so then i promised my friends i would tell him after school. My friends offered to just text him for me but i really wanted to do it in person. I rehearsed it in by head, but unfortunately things did not go as planned. So its after school and my plan was to go sit on the bench where he usually sits and wait for him to come out so i can talk to him. So i do and he comes out and at that moment im FREAKING OUT. I calmly say "hey" and he's like "yo" or something (idk thats not what he usually says but whatever) and he just kind of awkwardly looks at me like um you dont usually sit here but okay?... and he puts his backpack next to me and sits on the other bench (im sitting on the bench on the left and he puts his backpack on my right side of me and sits on the other bench to my right). So im just sitting there super quiet and awkward regretting sitting there and doing this and freaking out and he is also quiet and gets on his phone. Im just sitting there really awkwardly and here comes my friend the one who demonstrated for me how to tell a guy i like him. She smirks at me from afar and im like no, dont say anything, but of course she super loudly says HEY J! Remember the dare i dared you?? (i knew that she dared him to ask me who i like but i pretended i didnt know, but at that point i was like WTF) so he casually said "oh yea. who do you like" to me. In my head im like WTH DO I SAY IM FREAKING OUT...DO I SAY YOU OR WHAT and my whole body is shaking and hes still on his phone and im just contemplating in silence and awkwardness. Finally im like..."um (long silence of freaking out) you really want to know?" and hes like "no not really". As soon as he says that im like, ok im done this is not happening anymore, did i just get rejected or not because its SO OBVIOUS i like him and he knows by now probably (if he doesnt hes oblivious and stupid) and my other friend comes out from the school and she walks by and sees me on the bench next to him and is staring at me and says super loudly HEYY B (my name) SMILING and kinda squealing thinking that i told him or something happened...but i use this opportunity to escape from my uncomfortable position and run to her and tell her to shut up and that nothing happened and i tell her what just happened and she offers to go over there and flat out tell him i like him or text him but i just tell her no its okay i dont need or want to try anymore its useless. She said he never said he doesnt like you but he just said that he doesnt really want to know who i like. Im kind of devastated at that point but im not sad and am actually laughing and talking to me friends, not crying about it like i thought i would. I am kind of bummed but am okay because my friends and i just think lightly of it and they all offer to tell him for me. So i was telling this one friend the story of what had just happened on the benches and i wasn't paying attention to the buses and missed my bus. So i walk back to the benches again (not the benches where he sits) and hang out with my friends that haven't left, and im hes STILL on the other benches with his friend who he carpools with and finally while im talking to me friends, i see him get up to go because his mom is here to pick him up. He passes by the bench where im sitting again, but this time he looks at me (squinting because of the sun) and then quietly turns to his friend and it looks like he's saying something and he takes one more glance again. But i dont know if that was a judging/ wth ur a weirdo look or something. Anyways after that was surfing about why maybe if he liked me, didnt reveal his feelings because he's shy or something. Also i read taurus males take a long time to make sure that the person they like is right for them and are usually conserved and dont express their feelings at first even though they like you, and are shy and wont talk to you and maybe even avoid you at first until they feel it is right. (He acts just like me). I don't know if his reaction was a rejection or not because i just concluded that he was not interested at all and i ran away because i was kind of hurt from a blunt answer that he doesnt really care or want to i don't know. I was thinking that he just said that because what else would a guy say...i mean they wouldn't say something like "omg yes tell me who you like, i really want to know" because that would be weird, or maybe he truly isn't interested at all. SOMEONE PLEASE GIVE ME ADVICE!!! And bless you for reading this damn long paragraph (LOL) I really like him alot but i dont know if i should just give up here or just wait until i get an official answer if he likes me or not. Should i get a friend to just directly tell him (because i know i never will). THANK YOU FOR READING and hopefully i can get some feedback from this (most likely not).

Posted by Guest on Tue, 02/16/2016 - 03:32
You Sir/Madam are the enemy

You Sir/Madam are the enemy of confusion evweyehrre!

Posted by Guest on Mon, 02/08/2016 - 19:12
This piece was a liejafcket

This piece was a liejafcket that saved me from drowning.

Posted by Guest on Mon, 02/08/2016 - 18:50
I'm the shy guy and I can

I'm the shy guy and I can confirm everything there, is true...

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I know that this is a older

I know that this is a older psot, but I hope you guys an help me out! So I have been friends with this guy who is shy name Sam, we have been friends for only 7-8 months. And I am like his only friend that is a girl who hangs out with him, so I am head over heels for this guy. He is so adorable looking, I have not really saw him looking my way when I am not looking his way, so anyways he got me a couple of games for my Nintendo Wii U. And I still did not get them yet, because I have not seen him for a few weeks. When we are with each other he is so funny and makes me laugh all of the time.. About a month or so ago I messaged him through Facebook and asked him if he thinks we will be boyfriend and girlfriend one day and he said Idk what do you think? And I said Idk maybe one day, I don't know if that is a sign that he likes me more then a friend.. So he just started college this week, he only goes 2 days a week. And we have been talking less and less he does not respond to messages. Like last night I asked him how his first day of school was and it said it was Ok. But when I asked him we should hang out soon and he did not reply, idk if he is not into me anymore.. We used to text every day and now that he is in College there are things changing in his life, idk if he would even want to hang out with me again. He asked me to go bowling with him sometime on January 1st, we still did not do it. Help me, does this guy like me??

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Hey!i like a guy who msgs me

Hey!i like a guy who msgs me everyday in facebook n he is my classmate...he tlks as if he cares for me a lot in his msgs..wenevr i need some help he is always there for me..nowadays i have started going in his much er he tlks wid his frnds he nvr forgets to say bye...does this guy like me...

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I have a crush on this guy

I have a crush on this guy who is three years older than me. He is not on the same class as I am and we often see each other on school activities and lunch breaks or whenever I came across him. I always stare at him when I have chances but I often caught him staring at me when he thought I'm not looking,even now he still do that. There's one time, he went near me with my friends dragging him. They whispered something to my crush and he said "Hi" to me,and I noticed he can't look at my eyes straightly. He gave me a half smile and I smiled back to then he walked away. There is also this time when me and my friends were taking group pictures and he is there looking at me. My friend said he was really looking at me but I insisted that he wasn't and he was looking at the person on my back. My friend said,there wasn't anyone on my back so I was really confused. There is also this one time,I was eating with my friends on the cafeteria and I stood up to find my wallet (my friends like to prank me and they hide my things often) I glanced at them and saw his friends looking at me while smiling really wide,but I can't see him cause he was on the side. DOES IT MEAN HE LIKES ME TOO????

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OK so this is a bit confusing

OK so this is a bit confusing so this summer my parents recently let me have a horse so I found a 4-H group and started. On the second day of 4-H he showed up and I liked him right away. At horse shows whenever we talked (basically saying good job on 1st place) His cheeks were red. But when you are in the heat you tend to blush. I transfered schools and happened to be the school he went to... I really like him but I am shy and he is shy around me but not around other people. We often catch each others gaze but we both look away pretty quickly. Turns out that he runs XC like I do. I think that we are the perfect match but IDK if he likes me. If he does, will he ever ask me out??? HELP PLEASE!

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Okay so there's this guy I

Okay so there's this guy I like but I barely know him. I think he's shy. Our moms are friends but we aren't even close to that. When ever we do talk it's really short like not even a real conversation. I have talked to him a few times (like 3 maybe) but it never goes anywhere. I try to talk and ask questions but idk it just never turns out how I want it too. He goes to my school and he's one grade above me and we have no classes together I just see him after school sometimes. Whenever I talk to him he like never looks up he just looks at the ground and has his hands in his pockets. He answers and smiles but usually it's a really short answer. Idk what to do. Any advice?

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So there's this guy in my pe

So there's this guy in my pe class and I think he likes me. We have talked over dm but i always start the conversations.. But he also never asks about me. his friends have said really weird things.. like "Just talk to her." "what's your snap chat?" after that question and his answer his friend tried to take a picture of me. When I walk home he is always in front of me or behind me. When he walks he always has one earphone out of his ear. He fidgets with his hands and hair when i'm near but idk if that's because of me... He looks at me a lot and has talked about me to my best friend but my best friend is a guy and he's friends with him.. but when he talked about me all he said was "I bet she got a better score then me." "I bet she's on her 17th lap." He's so confusing!! He doesn't have problems talking to other girls!!!!!!! And he texted this girl and his friend was like shes spam texting you and he texted her twice and the buzzing stopped. He followed me twice. His friends tease me sometimes. And his friend which i've never spoken to said my name. I have no idea how he even knew my name. He's always near me.but I sent a friend request to him and he accepted it but didn't follow back.. but my friend did the same thing and he knows it's my friend and he requested to follow her back. Someone PLEASE HELP! Oh and the snapchat thing they usaully whisper really quietly but this time they said it loud. One more thing. Whenever I am with another guy he either looks at me jealous and looks away and doesn't look at me again or he gets really close to me.

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This girl occasionally stares

This girl occasionally stares at me in my fifth period class. She's a senior and I'm a sophomore, and she is absolutely gorgeous. She shows no emotion in her face while she looks at me so I can't read into why she does. Not once has she smiled at me nor have we ever spoken. I really have a crush on her as well, but I'm way too shy to say anything. Oh and the only time she stops staring at me sometimes is when I make eye contact with her. I don't show emotion is my face in class as well. Most likely because I don't have many friends since its my first time moving to a different state for school and I'm very shy. I don't talk very much either. Due to the amount of friends she has in the class I doubt she is a shy person. I honestly feel like she loathes me for some reasons, that I'm unaware of because on my way to chemistry one day I saw her in the hallway laughing with some friends and as soon as she turned to walk away she was smiling up until she saw me. Her face then showed no emotion and she made no eye contact but I could feel it was because of me, and it makes me feel even worse about the situation. I feel lost.

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I am already dating a guy in

I am already dating a guy in my class. He is damn shy to girls. But he looks and smiles shyly at me. But when I tell him to talk to me he acts like he is dead or deaf. When I go talk to him, his shy face makes me annoyed. My enemies forced me in a bet - I should hug my date within 3 days or else I have to give em 100 Rs. That's a lot and my parents don't know. I can't steal them!!!! My boyfriends said that we can hug. But he never comes near me after we started our relationship, he acts like I have a serious communicable disease or something.... :( I had also searched on the internet to find tips to hug a shy guy, and PRIVATELY coz its school. But nothing was applicable... :(

What should I do to make him at least hold my hand without me telling him!????

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I like a guy, his name is

I like a guy, his name is Cydus, and when we were in 1st grade we were the best of friends until I moved. So 5 years later, I send him a friend request, and he accepts, but when I tried texting him, he never replayed back. Now that we go to school, I see him talk to another girl, but sometimes, I see him glace at me a few times, and I guess he don't like me... But I can see him looking at me a few times, when I'm not looking, or when I do look, he looks away.

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So theres this guy in my math

So theres this guy in my math class and he's a shy guy who only talks to his friends. Ever since the beginning of the year he looks at me and i look back but whenever he sees me looking at him he always looks away. Sometimes we'll end up walking side by side after class but he'll just speed up and leave. Also he's a foreign and i can tell because of his accent. I've been wanting to talk to him but im also pretty shy so im scared to and i wouldn't even know what to say. Obviously i have a crush on him but idk what he feels about me.

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Hi. I've liked this guy ever

Hi. I've liked this guy ever since my 1st year in high school (I'm a senior now). During 1st year, we were really close. Then we just drifted apart. We stopped talking around the middle of 1st year and until now, we don't talk (although there are times we do but it's only to ask something either I or he has). Anyways were classmates right now. And it's really annoying cause he somewhat changed. I don't really see the guy I used to like (but this feeling still won't go away hahah). Anyways.... For a while now (actually ever since 4 or 3 months from now) I've seen him glancing or looking my way. At times when I'm beside his best (girl) friend, she would also look at me after she looks at him. And, of course, I always just think that maybe his looking at his best (girl) friend (cause maybe he has a crush on her or something (even though she's already taken)). But then my first friend, who I asked to get close to my crush and ask who he likes, confirmed that he likes his best (girl) friend. It made me sad but she also said that my crush likes me too. But his really confused whether to like me or not. I was surprised and couldn't believe it. But I still looked at the signs. He started seating next to me every time we have art class (even though no one is seating on his usual seat) and every time he seats next to me, he can't sit still, he always tries to sleep or he keeps moving about in his chair (actually it's kinda funny :P ). Yes he still looks, glances at me, every day. And his best friend (guy and whose also my friend) always tells me stories about him and my crush.... Oops this is really getting long... Umm to sum it up, his the shy type so he doesn't talk to me. I always think that maybe he looks at me cause we were friends before. And right now, I'm confused whether to tell him I like him or not (I'm also the shy type). I'm always the one trying who tries to talk to him but he never talks back. And it's really confusing me cause I always think that maybe he hates me. I always feel like I should just give him up. I'm sorry this is really long but please help me. I'm really confused if he likes me or not cause he doesn't try to do anything (like talk or stuff).

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This guy I like is 18 (I'm

This guy I like is 18 (I'm 21), we use together together & when we did we became close, I was starting to tell he likes & things were moving slow (he's shy.) But they were pretty good, but I guess some of our co-workers noticed us becoming friendly & they tried to get us together (that blew up badly.) He even cut me off & stopped talking to me... but some weeks later I decided to talk to him, to get our friendship back, & hopefully another chance. He gave me the chance to be his friend again, so we started texting eachother everyday, but he told me he likes someone else, but reading this made me think he still liked me, he told me once we became friends again (like last time.) Lets see where it takes us. I just want to know.... do shy guys like more then one girl? Because to this day (which is a month later.) We still talk everyday but we no longer work together, also how do I still keep him interested if we don't see each other, but we talk everyday? Even more then the girl he told me he likes.

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Hi. Have you spoken to him

Hi. Have you spoken to him yet? I noticed you posted on October 14th. I am in the very same position except we always see each other in the library in college. I got some advice and was told to introduce myself. So next Monday I am going up to him and say something like "Hi, I see you in the library a lot and I've wanted to introduce myself for some time, my name is (name), what's yours?" I'm hoping that it might make him open up more if he at least knows my name. He seems like such a sweet guy. :D

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Okay so there is this boy in

Okay so there is this boy in my class that I really really like and I think he likes me too... U see he matches all of the above but he's only shy around me. Like i have caught him starring at me and when I look back he blushes and turn his head. I really want to talk to him but I'm also really shy around him and don't have the guts to. Please help I really don't know what to do :(

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Well if you two really like

Well if you two really like each other than go for it because you might find something really special and you two may have a blast together as a couple. Don't be afraid, and even if he doesn't like you most guys are usaly flattered when a girl likes them because it makes them feel really confident and makes them realise that they have a chance at dating. If he turns you down just say "that's ok." But don't say "oh no I don't care" because he may end up liking you in the future but this isn't always the case. Remember life is to short to wait around just go for it ;)

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tell him

tell him

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Okay so there is this guy I

Okay so there is this guy I realllllly like at my church. I have liked him since about late April in 2013. So roughly 3ish years?
Anyway. He's pretty outgoing with his friends but we've only had like quick conversations. He's pretty shy, but like only when it comes to me? He talks to so many girls and peopl in general but like he seems shy when we get around eachother. I sang at my church a coupl times and he was the only guy from the youth boys to compliment me. Which made my face turn beat red. And I'm pretty tan so.. Anyway getting off topic. Once and a while I find myself staring at him because well how can I not. But he also stares at me a lot. Does he like me or what?
I'm so confused. Today we had our first field trip (we are both homeschooled) and he lead prayer and I almost melted in my spot.
He is so hot.
We are both 16 and neither of us are allowed to date until we are 17. So I'm hoping if I can become brave bough to start talking to him no, so by the time we turn 17 we can start dating.
His face, just his face makes me so nervous and gives me butterflies. He's literally all I think about. This is getting more than a crutch and I don't know what to do!
So to sum this up, I like him a lot and we stare at eachother a lot
Any tips on how to talk to him? Start a conversation? Does he like me or..?

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Im in 6th grade and i have a

Im in 6th grade and i have a crush he always stares at me and when he talks to other girls he will look at me like hes trying to make me jealous

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You're in the sixth grade.

You're in the sixth grade. Worry about that later.

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Okay So this year I started

Okay So this year I started going to a new school and there is this guy i like. He's in like 3 of my classes and in ela and in art he stares at me a lot and then I look at him and he looks away. I am super shy around guys I like and I think he is really shy too even tho he acts normal around other girls and his friends. I really hope he likes me back. I barely know him and we have never talked either. But him being my crush, I stare at him a lot too and sometimes we make eye contact on accident then we look away. Like one time I looked at him and he looked at me and we made eye contact and quickly looked away. Idk what to think HELP PLEASE ASAP

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I'm one of the shy big headed

I'm one of the shy big headed low self esteem guys I've suffered from this since childhood and everytime I see girls I doubt myself saying I'm unlovable who would love this big headed guy and who would want to be seen with me coz I have a big head I'm meant to be alone no girl will fall for me I also keep asking myself why was I born with this big head I shouldve been miscarried this thing pains me a lot bcoz I've been single for 6 years now and now I'm 26 years of age seeing couples out there in love kills me bcoz I dnt have any girl who would love me with my big head I tried to get a girlfriend a few years ago but I got rejected a few times bcoz I was laughed at and I told myself that I will die alone with no wife and no kids

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Hi! so sorry, but you should

so sorry, but you should stop looking down on yourself that much. all I can say is, start loving yourself first, they say love demands love of its kind, how can u be loved if u don't love yourself? Just get yourself together, stop feeling pity for yourself, start doing things that motivates n inspires you. You will get someone who will love you for who you are, there is someone out there who will be more than willing to share love with you, but it should start with you loving yourself. I hope you change that mindset to a positive one.

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awww dont say that. your

awww dont say that. your heads probably not that big. dont even worry theres someone for everyone. and those girls who rejected you and laughed at you dont worry about them either theyll get their punishment later. and im shy too im too shy to talk to my crush whos shy too, i always see him looking at me.

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What you need to do is step

What you need to do is step it up. Build your confidence. You make it harder on yourself by bringing yourself down. The answer is simple get money fuck bitches. There you go.

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dont ever think like that,

dont ever think like that, those girls who laughed at you are going to/already had karma coming their way trust me. you need to wait and just find the right person, bc ik shes out there

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Hang in there. There is sure

Hang in there. There is sure to be someone who is not shallow enough to reject you because of that. As cliched as it sounds, you should learn to love and accept yourself. There is no better love than that. We all get rejected by someone or the other, for something or the other and when this happens we have to look to ourselves for love. That's what makes us strong. Be grateful for every part of yourself and for life itself. You are a beautiful person and you will find the love that you truly deserve.

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I like the idea of mentoring.

I like the idea of mentoring. Related to that, but I think a direffent post topic, would be accountability. I think this is also tragically missing.will try to post more later, but need to be working on a paper right now, so I should get at it

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how do I tell if a guy like

how do I tell if a guy like me?
he smiles, waves and tries to talk to me?
someone said he likes me but could have just been being mean?
can someone tell me what he would do if liked me?

he looks at me, turns around in class and looks at me, and smiles?
and he has touched me on my arm a couple of times?
we in 5 classes together?
and I mean to be sitting next to him in science?
Help please?

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Dude he likes you !!! 100%

Dude he likes you !!! 100% positive! ;)

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o there is this boy that I

o there is this boy that I have known for over 3 months now. We met in our theatre elective. He's 17 in 11th grade, im 15 in 9th grade. We hung out twice after school and have texted. The only problem is, is that im always texting first. When we first started texting he sent flirty emojis and selfies. He then would stare at me and freeze up. When I tried to make conversation in school he would be bleak. And now I've texted him over 2 weeks ago and he still hasn't responded. So that made me feel like shit. Still does. But on Thursday I was at lunch and learn where he usually goes because me and my friend needed to complete a project in that room. When he saw me there he was just like staring at me. I looked at him but was ignoring him. It took him a while to sit down. He was kind of pacing back and forth or could I say, dancing? He sat in a seat where I could see clear view of him then he switched to a seat with his acquaintances. A seat where his back was turned to me. That seat was really close to where me and my friend were sitting. He looked back occasionally. Then he threw this theatre paper on my desk and we used to be in theatre together but he couldn't be in it because of his math grade from last semester. I am just kind of angry for the fact that he didn't even respond to the text. This Monday I saw him said hi he didn't say anything but was pacing back and forth around me and then I talked to him a little bit. Then I saw him again said hi didn't hear him say anything so then I said "why are you being weird?" He said "I'm not, I said hi" I said "ok" but I don't understand why he hasn't texted me

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Alright so, there is this

Alright so, there is this guy.... now pay attention its quite confusing. HA. okay here it goes. It was around February and my friend and I were on facebook ( my friend goes to a different high school then I do ). She was like " hey why dont i set you up with some of the guys i know at my school?" So, me being me ..... a social butterfly i said why not! So, i added this guy named Jason to my friends list because he was HOT! I ended up talking to him, but I had already heard that he was popular among the girls. So, I was more in it to mess around, but i ended up liking his personality a lot! Like he is a really cool dude! So, i asked him when should we hang out we can go to starbucks or something ya know? But he was TOO busy.... supposedly his parents were too strict! So, its already June and I decided to surprise him. He had summer school and so did my bestfriend ( the one who gave me the idea) they went to the same high school. Plus i had to pick up this book for sophomore year so, i figured it'd be perfect and he wouldn't expect it. Anyways, I texted him and told him that i was there. Remember we have never met in person. So, wereally didn't know what to expect. So, i'm waiting outside in the hallway of his class and this guy comes out looking for someone and i screamed JASON?!!!! he turned around and my gawd he was even hotter than his profile pic!!! My mouth literally dropped.... like i was thinking to myself....... Why is this beauitful guy spending his time on me?! Anyways, i was imediately attracted to him. So, i ran into his arms and started touching his face. Like i felt like it wasn't real. So, i linked arms with him and like everyone was staring. But he had seen his friends who were GIRLS.... they came to visit him, but already made plans so, he obviously went to them, but i had seen some of my other friends from middle school who i hadn't seen in a while. and as i seen my friend rodger and hugged him i looked back and Jason was just staring at me the whole time even when those girls were all over him. But i went over there and he was super shy!!

Okay so like he ended up leaving with those girls and i was dissapointed and my friend who introduced us was like well give it a few hours and we can go to his house.... i know where he lives she said! So, a few hours pass and it was stormy out too! anyways we ended up going to his house and i called him and he was like omgggg you're heere?!!! and i siad yesss so come out!! HE TOOK FOREVER!! but he ended up coming outside and smelled like colon!!! like lots of it!!! anyways he only stood outside with us or like 15 mins, but i sat on his lap for like a good 1 min and took pics but once i got off i felt like it was awkward!!! then he was like imma go take a nap now!!!!! so he gives me the most airish fakes hug ever!!!! So, i said wow that hug sucked, but whatever and he turned around and grabbed me around the waste and picked me up and hugged me!!! Literally it started raining!!! and a major storm of butterflies raced into my stomach because my heart was racing like crazy!! my friend was like wow he never does that to me!! anyways those whole 15 mins he was so shy and like kept giving me one word answers. OKAY stay with me almost to the end...... So, last night i asked him want to go to this night concert thing. and he said ayayaya!!! but i will be super shy. and i said okay... like i didnt know what to say.

So, my question is does he secretly like me? or at least find me cute? What did he mean by he was going to be shy? Please help the concert is on sunday!!!

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Sigh, it's nice reading this

Sigh, it's nice reading this and finding out that I'm not the only one here. So my story: There's this guy I work with part-time. I'm 18, he's 22 now. We were both hired together two years ago, so we know each other quite well. When I was first hired, god was he awkward. I was instantly attracted to him though. I remember during our group interview, I was studying him and he may not be the "hot guy", I found him to be good looking. The thing is, I was considered the "baby" at work since I was only 16. Plus, he was 20 at the time, which seemed so old! Is 4 years too big of an age gap? I am quite mature for my age...however, I've never been in a relationship before, so I'm really inexperienced. Anyways, the first year, we were nice to each other, but it was typical coworker politeness. Mind you, I wasn't drooling over him. I just thought he looked good. Besides, at that time, he had a girl friend, so I thought there was no hope. But thing is, lately, after a year and a half of working there, we were both moved outside to work in the booth on weekends. I spend almost 6 hours with him and I think I'm really falling for him. But this isn't all my fault. Lately, he's been showing these signs mentioned above. While I'm outside the booth working on something, I catch him looking. But he ALWAYS looks away, which makes me laugh inside. I'm introverted, but I'm not too shy...well not as shy as him. So I feel free to flirt, smile, and everything. And he seems really responsive! He'll smile back, tease me back, joke around. Which makes me wonder, did he break up with his old girl friend? Is he single? I'm too scared to ask because we work together so often that I do not want to risk putting our current relationship in jeopardy. I've gotten him to the comfortable friend-zone where he can initiate conversation. We've even had some intimate moments. The booth outside is really small and it can barely fit two people. So whenever both of us are in there, body-part-brushing is inevitable. He is so sweet though because he respects my space so he does anything to make me comfortable. Is that love or just friendship? Even in the hottest days, he'll stand outside, letting me sit in the booth with the fan on while he suffers in the sun. He does it just because there can't be two of us in the booth and he'd rather I be comfortable. We spend hours chatting to each other like this and I feel so bad. I tell him to switch places because it hurts me to see him in the sun (as cheesy as that sounds), but he always refuses. But sometimes, when we both have to be in the booth (ex. to shut down the booth), we'll brush against each other, and I swear he makes it longer than it should! Also, once he had to reach something, so his arm was around my waist for a good 10 seconds. When I glanced at him, he was blushing so much (he has tan skin, so it's pretty hard to tell if he blushes normally. So THAT'S how hard he was blushing ladies and gentlemen). So what do you think? Was it an intentional move? Or was it accidental and did I make it 100x awkward by looking at him in surprise. Sigh, I can't tell; I falling for him crazy too. My heart beats so loud when we're in the booth together that I swear he can hear it. I'm good at seeming nonchalant when feeling like this, which I feel blessed for. But nonetheless, I want to ensure him that he has nothing to worry about for me...I'm a newbie, he's more experienced than me. But he still seems nervous. Although he's shy with the other coworkers, he seems looser and more comfortable. He calls them "yo" and isn't afraid to be himself. Around me, although we work together and we know each other pretty well, he still seems guarded. I ask his opinions for things, and he always take time to make his answers. When we gossip about coworkers (c'mon don't judge, gossip is bound to happen at every workplace), he somehow ALWAYS agrees with my opinions. Apparently, when I say something to coworkers and walk away, he asks them after about what I said. One girl thinks it's weird, but idk man, I think it's just so god damn sweet. Haha, have I been bitten by the love bug? I can't tell if I'm blowing this out of proportion! We have a petty thing going on where I complain about how messy he is. Tbh I find his messiness cute, although I wouldn't be able to tolerate anyone else that messy. Then he just proceeds to compliment me on how I have the ability to be neat. And it's cute because he'll say he can't do his paperwork neatly, so I have to "help" him out. I swear it's just an excuse so that we can be in the booth at the same time and be really really close to each other. So close that I can smell the cologne or aftershave he's wearing. Maybe he's just very friendly and comfortable with me...but idk, to my it seems flirty (I hope it is!!). The other day, I decided to initiate and bought him Starbucks during my break to show him that I did indeed think about him over my free time. He seemed ashamed and embarrassed though, which was definitely not the emotion I was going for!! I only wanted to test the waters, but I may have made things awkward. I just laughed it off in front of him and I told him not to repay me, but I suggested getting me a drink next time it was hot. He seemed reassured after that, but damn I got quite a reaction from him. I am in love with everything about him. It's not one of those petty crushes...I've experienced quite enough in high school to know the difference. Let me put it into perspective. I cherish every minute I get to spend with him, where I'm standing in the booth and he is standing outside, and we just chat about everything. I love how he let's me stay in the shade and I can dream forever about how I am his height when I'm in the booth (it's elevated by like 7 inches...yessss he is over 6 ft!! Haha as a girl who is taller than average, it is awesome when the guy you like happens to be taller than 7 inches taller than you!) I stare into his eyes all day and even be in silence. So that just shows how crazy I am about him. And his courteous nature gives me signals that he likes me. Like mentioned above, he is always there to give me a hand. If there's a customer with heavy stuff, it's so adorable, but he'll make sure that it's him dealing with it, not me. Once, a coworker asked me to carry something, and my crush seemed annoyed. I seriously don't mind, but I just love how he doesn't want to strain me. Also, he knows I'm certified as a lifeguard and that I like to swim, so I think he knows that I appreciate fitness. He'll sometimes randomly talk about how many sets and reps he did the other night at the gym, and I continue to amuse him by seeming interested. Also sometimes, he'll innocently roll up his sleeves to show off his guns when lifting things. This one time, when I patted his arm, I swear he was flexing just to show off the muscle. And well, damn I do find built guys to be sexy. And don't get me wrong. He's normally not a showoff at all to others. It's just to me nowadays that he does these quirky things to impress me or make me laugh. To me it seems like he goes out of his way to keep my attention...I'm almost 100% sure he likes me. BUT WHY WON'T HE TALK ABOUT HIS FEELINGS FOR ME?! Before you tell me to initiate, no, I'm sorry, I'm one of those cheesy girls looking for a classic boyfriend who asks the girl out. Just because I find it sweet that he takes the courage to ask me :') As you can see, I can write forever about him. What do you think? Am I crazy for falling for him like this? I can't tell!

Posted by Guest on Tue, 06/09/2015 - 03:33

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