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In this article we will discuss one of the most powerful and sought after online dating secrets. A lot of dating DVD’s, audio books and eBooks try to explain this information in an unorganized vague fashion; it’s no wonder most of them fail. As a result, their customers fail as well.

This article will discuss the best kept online dating secret in an easy to understand manner. The information can be applied to any gender, any race or any sexual preference. You will be able to apply what you learn today within minutes of learning it. You will see immediate results! Not only that, but this information is 100% free! So if you’d like to master online dating and never feel alone on a Saturday night, READ THIS ARTICLE!

Feed their idealized self

This is the most underestimated tool in your online dating arsenal. In order to explain this in detail, we will give you some details on what information you’ll need to gather.

  • Research his/her profile
  • Learn what they like
  • Find out where they truly love themselves
  • Mirror effect
  • Core attraction

Researching their online dating profile

A profile is a resume of your personality. Most people don’t bother to read a person’s profile thoroughly. Once you find a person you are physically attracted to, get to know them through their profile. You will learn a lot about them by reading what they wrote about themselves.

This information can be used when you strike up a conversation in your first online dating message. They want you to get to know them, this isn’t rocket science. Good luck in your discoveries!

Learn what he/she likes

Once you’ve read their profile, find out what their likes are. Find out their taste in music. What are their favorite movies? What is the favorite genre of movies? Do they like to travel or are they a homebody? Use whatever information is available to you.

If they have posted their birthday, read up on their zodiac sign. People love to learn more about themselves. Are they athletic, do they like sports or do they enjoy reading books?

There is so much information you can find out about them just by reading their profile, it’s a shame most people neglect this approach. If you sit down, and do your research, you can become very successful in online dating.

Where do they truly love themselves?

Once you figure out what their likes are, you can start reading between the lines to find out even more about this person. We mentioned above their birthday: if they post their birthday, it means they want you to know their zodiac sign. All you have to do is find the compatibility with your own zodiac sign and theirs. The internet is filled with this sort of information.

You may find that the two signs are not very compatible on paper. Don’t let this discourage you. Find out what aspects aren’t compatible, see if there is anything you can change in your personality to better suit your online love interest.

If they mention a favorite food, color or fruit use the information to find out more about their personality. You will discover if this person is a strong individual, you’ll find out if they are compassionate, if they are a romantic etc.

They’ll be amazed when you reveal things to them that they weren’t even aware of.

The Mirror effect

Once you have gotten to know this person by reading their profile in detail, it’s time to put the information to use. Present to them what they need. For example:

Let’s say that this person’s favorite color is pink, the color of love and affection. This person is very affectionate. Talk to them and compliment them in an affectionate matter.

Example: “You’re a wonderful brother/sister!” – use this example if you were talking with the person and you have found out they did something nice for their sibling. Keep in mind this particular compliment is just an example that doesn’t make sense when taken out of context.

If their zodiac sign needs security then paint them their perfect fantasy. Ask them what they consider a perfect relationship and then state your own. Tell them you take care of the people you love. You never want to see them sad; you want to be their emotional pillar and you want to protect them from anything that will cause them harm.

Important thing to note: do not put the attention on the person you are talking to. Speak of it as you are generalizing your own dream relationship. They will admire the fantasy because it is, in fact, their own.

Core attraction

You will get to the root of their heart once your online dating crush realizes you are the perfect puzzle piece for them. Once you achieve this you’ll stand out from the competition.

How to get a true connection

A common problem is, not knowing what to talk about with your online date. If you’ve researched their profile and read in-between-the-lines then you should have plenty of dialogue. You don’t always have to get a person talking by asking them a question. You can easily accomplish the same results by bringing up a story about yourself. Keep it short and concise:

“Just the other day I saw my dog hide the remote control under the couch for the 3rd time this week. He must hate my taste in TV Shows.”

The first example adds humor while opening up room for TV show conversation.

“Just the other day I saw my dog hide the remote control under the couch for the 3rd time this week. He must hate my taste in TV Shows. Kind of embarrassing that I watch [show related to their favorite genre]”

They will be amazed that someone has the same tastes in music, movies, TV shows or books. This will get a true connection that nobody else will have with this person.

How to provide trust

Unfortunately there are a lot of online predators and really bad people out there. These bad seeds ruin it for the rest of us. The best way to show trust is by creating comfort. Your online date should feel safe around you at all times.

Once the comfort is built (this is only built by time and by showing them you are genuine and good person) you will schedule a date to meet up. Unless this person is head over heels for you, you’ll probably have to schedule a day time coffee date.

Once the real connection is felt, this coffee date can easily turn into a day spent with an amazing person. Time will seem to fly by.

Show ambition

There is nothing more attractive than a self-driven person. As a matter of fact, these successful individuals are often admired and respected by a lot of people in all age groups.

Showing ambition means to have goals for the future and living up to their standard each day. Ask yourself, am I doing what it takes to reach my goals every day? Provide some examples for yourself and know them off by heart. This is something you can’t rehearse but something you have to do on your own.

Don’t just say it, live it.

Humor: the good, the bad and the ugly

A sense of humor is one of the most attractive qualities one can attain. There are those who have a natural knack for humor but it can also be learned.

You have to understand that not everyone has the same sense of humor. Do not start off being a comedian, you can come off too strong and scare your online date away before ever having a chance to get to meet them.

Always start small and gradually build up, add a hint of humor in your online messages. You will find out where this person’s humor borders are.

Humor is reaching the boarder but never crossing it. Stay away from family type jokes, do not make comedic parental remarks because you don’t know this persons status. You do not know if they have lost a parent in their lives.

Once you get the hang of it you’ll become even more attractive than before.

Sensuality vs. Sexuality

Not many people are sensual; if you can become sensual however, you will melt your crush’s heart.

Sensuality is a synonymous with sexuality but it is not the same thing. To be sensual means being aware of your surroundings; being one with your senses. It is the way you smell, touch, hear, taste and see the world around you. Do you put on a special fragrance and dress in sexy attire before making love? Sensuality doesn’t end in the bedroom.

Do you save special outfits for special occasions? Do you buy flowers for special occasions? Are you sensual when nobody is watching? Have you ever picked up a rose petal and truly examined it? Have you examined its smell, its moisture, its smell, its texture against your fingertips?

Being sensual means savoring the world around you, if you don’t already, it’s never too late to start.


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