Let's Just Be Friends, Why Bother?

This is one of the most common questions that confuses an individual. This is a phrase heard by both sexes; however, guys are on the receiving end more than the girls.

What does the phrase “Let's Just Be Friends” really mean?

Generally speaking, this doesn’t really mean

“Let’s just be friends”

It means:

“I want to keep you on the side, see if anyone is providing a better offer and if I get hurt I’ll come back to you temporarily. Oh and I’ll use you if ever I’m bored. Feel free to adjust your schedule around me but don’t expect me to return the favor in any way.”

Girls tend to do this more than guys but it goes both ways. You might get a call when your “friend” is bored and lonely. They might ask you to go for dinner or a movie and “hang out” while you pay for their meal or ticket. But if you’re ever bored and lonely, they usually won’t return the favor.

We could be friends

She just wants to be friends. Yeah right. It’s not completely impossible for an ex-girlfriend to be a friend but it’s very rare.

A lot of guys, even girls, persuade themselves into believing that this person will eventually come back to them. You are only living a lie that will make you cling to your ex like a fly on $h1t. So many great people will pass you by and you won’t notice any of them because of the illusion you have built up for yourself.

Let’s just be friends counter response

What do you say next time you hear “lets just be friends”?


“Sure, will you hook me up with some of your single friends?”

If the answer is not yes, then she or he is not a real friend. A true friend is there when you need them; but to have a true friend, you have to be a true friend. If they’re in need, you’re there for them. That’s what real friendship is all about. It’s not a one sided relationship, there has to be a balance.

If the answer is anything but yes, simply tell them:

“We can’t be friends"


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Very well written post, i

Very well written post, i really appreciate it.

Posted by Guest on Tue, 04/22/2014 - 08:17
In awe of that awsenr! Really

In awe of that awsenr! Really cool!

Posted by Guest on Tue, 01/10/2012 - 18:56
I have a couple of guy

I have a couple of guy friends and I don't think I treat them like my girlfriends, but you can't even compare the two, its a different form of relationship. With guys there is always a chance of some form of sexual tension, which is normal I find.

Posted by Sheena_72 (not verified) on Sat, 04/10/2010 - 23:38
Haha so true

Haha so true

Posted by Guest (not verified) on Sat, 04/10/2010 - 22:46

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