Free Online Dating Services Scams Exposed

Fake Casual Dating Hot Girl Profile

Why you should buy an online dating membership

Free isn’t always a good thing. There’s an old saying that goes: You get what you pay for. The online dating services world is no exception. There are many free online dating services out there that promise more but give less.

There is a big scam going on with these free services that we’ll reveal. This is something that will change your perception of online dating forever. In fact, many people that used free dating services transferred to membership dating sites because they became victims of this scam.

Why free online dating services are a scam

The main problem is the fact that it’s free. More and more witty individuals are exposing the problem and using it to their advantage.

Free means anyone can create as many accounts as possible.

Why is free dating bad?

Free means anyone can create as many accounts as possible. Many individuals have started seducing or manipulating the users into sleeping with them.

The process exposed

In this example, we’ll use Mr. A as the manipulator.

Fake Hot Guy Online Dating Profile

Mr. A creates a fake user account with an attractive man as his profile picture. He finds his target and sends out a message. Because of the “good looking” fake picture, the woman he is targeting is more likely to give him a chance.

He begins chatting with her, finding out as much information about her as possible. He learns exactly what it takes to be her perfect match. Mr. A is studying his target well, he will write down all of the small, seemingly irrelevant, details.


My favorite movie, as a little girl, was “The Little Mermaid”
I love eating Nutella and banana sandwiches on Sunday mornings
I always do a small cheer before doing any kind of test, because I’m superstitious.

She will think this seemingly “nice” and “handsome” guy is building a connection with her. She is dead wrong.

Mr. A will gather all of this information over a few short days or weeks. His victim will think this seemingly “nice” and “hot” guy is building a connection. She is dead wrong.

Once Mr. A has gathered everything he needs, he then proceeds to become an asshole. He may come on too strong, disrespect an important aspect of his victim’s life. Something that will break the illusion he has built for his victim.

She will become annoyed and fall out of the spell Mr. A put her in. She will realize that this guy is nothing more than a pretty face.

The second part of the free online dating scam exposed

Mr. A will sign up for another FREE account to the free online dating service and post his own actual profile with his, less attractive, picture. Because the free dating services only require a unique email for each account, the amount of profiles one can sing up for is limitless.

Although he is less attractive than the fake profile, he has all the knowledge of his victim in order to manipulate her.

What does the seducer do?

He messages the victim and starts up a conversation. Since he knows what emotional state his victim is in, he can break the ice with something like:

Let’s try this for the final time, hi.
It’s so hard to find a normal person on this site, how’s it going?
I hope you’re more than just a pretty face…

From the start, Mr. A, will try to find a common ground between him and the person he is seducing.

Once the ice is broken and while he is talking with his victim, he will add slight messages of similarities he gathered from before.


Mr. A: What did you do today?
Victim: Went out for dinner with friends, it was fun.
Mr. A: Did you order desert?
Victim: Lol, not this time but I should have.
Mr. A: Sometimes I wish they would serve Nutella and banana sandwiches, I know it sounds stupid but I just love them. I eat them every week.
Victim: Omg no way! I love Nutella and banana sandwiches, I eat them every Sunday. (instant attraction)
Mr. A: Lol, I thought I was the only one!

Mr. A will continue to build on those little things. His victim’s attraction will grow. To this person, Mr. A, will seem like the perfect puzzle piece. A match made in heave. Mr. A will lead you to believe he’s your soulmate.

Mr. A will tell any lie in order to sleep with his victim. Free dating accounts allow him to do this sort of manipulation.

The best way to avoid these scams is to avoid the free sites.

How to avoid online dating scams

The best way to avoid these scams is to avoid the free sites. We aren’t saying you’ll run into one of these manipulators on a website like plenty of fish, but these individuals are out there; and there are more of them on free dating sites.

Find an online dating website that isn’t free. Although these individuals can even be found on membership dating sites, they are in far fewer numbers. The chance of you running into one of these scammers is rare.

How to choose the right dating website

Most online membership sites give you a free trial, or a dirt cheap trial. You can use their website for $1 to $3 per month.

You can also look at our top 10 list of dating websites. We show you which website gives you the best bang for your buck.

You may spend a few dollars but you’ll find a genuine person instead of a manipulator who will only break your heart.


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Woot, I will cernaitly put

Woot, I will cernaitly put this to good use!

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This is both street smart and

This is both street smart and intellniget.

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