Body Language Signs a Shy Guy Likes You

It’s difficult to know whether or not a shy guy likes you. There are, however, body language signs a shy guy likes you.

Although shy guys won’t directly tell you how they truly feel, their body language will always give them away. Here we will discuss the top body language signs a shy guy likes you.

Signs: body language a shy guy likes you

Shy guy keeps looking at me

If you catch him glancing over at you, or even staring, there’s a good chance the shy guy likes you. He is probably day dreaming about you, but is too shy to come over and say hi.

Often times he will look away as you catch him looking at you.

Conversation is too plain

The art of conversation is one that shy guys have not yet mastered. If he is brave enough to start talking with you, the conversation will be very plain.

“What did you do today”
“What do you like doing for fun”

The conversation will seem like an interview instead of a smooth flow of words. The shy guys are too worried about messing up the conversation. The shy guy likes you, but chances are he won’t ask you out.

The shy guy is uneasy around you

They may be jittery and fidgety in your presence. If you’ve ever seen the movie “Superbad” you’ll remember Michael Cera’s character is talking to a girl while walking in a hallway. After the conversation is done he says bye and starts walking really fast to get away from her. Despite the fact they were both heading in the same direction.

Shy guys will do weird stuff like that.

Shy guys eyes look away

When you are talking with a shy guy you’ll notice that his eyes will go down to the floor. Shy guys lack confidence, and instead of looking you directly in the eyes, they’ll turn to the floor.

Slurred speech

They might even slur their speech and mispronounce words. They are literally speechless in your presence.

Hesitant to initiate conversation

You will see that they want to talk to you. Shy guys will have something on their mind, but they will never speak the words. If you are waiting for a shy guy to initiate the conversation, you’ll be waiting for a long time.

Rule of thumb for shy guys

If you see any of these characteristics or if you a have a slight feeling that a shy guy likes you: he most likely does.


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Ok all the time when shy guy

Ok all the time when shy guy stairs u it doesn't mean that he loves u this is very important

Posted by Guest on Sat, 05/02/2015 - 16:00
Sorry hot chicks sometimes

Sorry hot chicks sometimes ths nt work he can even not feel nervous in front of you but tries to make a deep eye contact with you and he wanna hang around you. And guys have some tricks like for some time they see you and even if they are very shy they ask their friends to see whether the girl see at him or not.the most important thing was that if he really falls for u he will stop the guys or girls who teases u. And even some times doesn't care u because he is bit nervous around you.

Posted by Guest on Sat, 05/02/2015 - 15:53
I think he's attracted to me.

I think he's attracted to me. We had a conversation the other day. He said he was busy but he ended up talking to me for a while. He said he wasn't much of a texter when I asked him to contact me but said to let him know about an event. I was told by a friend that was his way of allowing me to ask for his number??? I'm a little clueless. He kept touching me on the shoulder during the conversation. He also stood within 3 feet of me. Really close. He kept good eye contact except the brief looking down or away to a few seconds. I think he even looked at my lips. I'm pretty sure he was blushing at one point. We have been talking for a while... So? Any thoughts or ideas? We are both late twenties.

Posted by Guest on Mon, 02/16/2015 - 19:24
So there's this guy in my

So there's this guy in my English class who I like. I caught him staring at me but once I turn to look at him he turns away quickly. And most of the time when he looks at me he plays with his hair. (Which I think is adorable lol) Does he like me???

Posted by Guest on Tue, 02/03/2015 - 22:19
When I have a crush on a girl

When I have a crush on a girl I ignore her for days for I am not so sure of to say to her. The reason why shy guys can't look a girl in the eye is that they blush very easy. I am pretty bad at this especially if I have a crush on her. If you see this happening look him straight in the eye. If he blushes it's a clear sign he likes you

Posted by Guest on Mon, 02/02/2015 - 06:35
Okay. So there's a guy i met

Okay. So there's a guy i met about 2mnths ago.. n i discovered dat he was 1yr senior in my school only! We have bcum sort of good frnds. Over the time ive fallen for him.. he is just so cute n adorable! We have less but great conversations. He sometimes behaves as if he likes me. Bt then ignores for some days. I also ignored him during dat time n aftr dat he himself initiated talking! In front of other students he does not talk to me much.. not himself. Bt when me n my frnd met him (there was nobody around) then he himself talked to us bit well... he even tried befriending my bestie! And when i wasnt around he asked abt me frm her.. he makes deep eye contact n smiles as long as i do, bt only in person when no frnds are around! He mirrors my actions sometimes n gets showing off or more nervous when sitting next to me! He does not talk to other students much. I have a feeling dat he does like me. Could dat be true evn when he tries to hide his feelings??

Posted by Guest on Tue, 11/25/2014 - 17:43
Everytime he sees me he will

Everytime he sees me he will start to walk away then he will come up to me and say hi then walks away and i catch hm staring at me in class and he will smile or turn away
Does he like me im so confused!!

Posted by Guest on Sun, 11/23/2014 - 04:06
So there's a guy at my church

So there's a guy at my church and we've known each other for a while. She doesn't act shy around his friends but acts nervous and has most of these characteristics when I'm around. I'm 90% sure he knows I like him and he said he doesn't but acts like he does. And my friends all think he does. And it kinda seems like his friends tease him. I'm worried either he's shy or creeped out by me. I'm hoping its shy. What do yall think?

Posted by Guest on Mon, 09/29/2014 - 05:21
I need help. So one da yo was

I need help. So one da yo was Working on homework at a Starbuucks and I had that feeling you know when someone is staring at you so I glanced around and I realized this really cute guy was staring at me he kinda turned away when I saw him. But then he looked at me and I felt this really weird sensation I could not stop staring at him and I noticed he kept staring at me to , I would smile and he would to, but at this time I had a boy friend so I left I didn't want any problems. When I got home I got this sort of panic attack and I started crying I didn't even know why I just started crying .the next couple of weeks I went to the gym and I was working out , and I turned around and I saw him coming in the gym . My heart dropped I was happy to see him again and we kinda had a staring contest. The next day I went to grocery store and I was at the register and there was a lady that was the cashier so I was on my phone till it was my turn and when it was my turn I looked up and he was there he was my cashier and he said hey but it was an awk kind of hey . He said it like if we were friends .and it was just awk but he looked happy cuz he said hey. Haha but then I left to Hawaii for a month and I came back and I was on my way home from the air port when my first stop was in-n-out and I got off and I saw him there the first person I see was him he was waiting for his food and he stared at me as I ordered it was so awk but he seriously needs to come up to me and talk to me!! Yesterday I went to Starbucks the one I first met him in and I saw he was leaving and he was with a friend and he saw me go in and he was so surprised to see me he dropped his drink and it all spilt so he went in to get another one right after me . I kinda think he did it on purpose to see me . But why won't he talk to me!!

Posted by Guest on Mon, 07/14/2014 - 19:22
well i like this guy and he

well i like this guy and he does everything that is listed on here, does that mean that he likes me ?/

Posted by Guest on Mon, 06/30/2014 - 12:58
so there is this shy guy in

so there is this shy guy in my chemistry class, sometimes I catch him staring but when I catch him he looks away quickly. ill be in group and then I will see him in the distance and he will be walking towards me and then when I look at him while he is walking towards me he just turns and walks away in a different direction like he changed his mind. I personally am attracted to shy guys, but he is kinda popular and then im semi popular but not like him. I am shy myself when it comes to guys so I don't know how to go straight up and create a conversation with a guy I like I stutter and get shy and don't know what to say. I cant really tell with the dilating thing. but why would he be into me? HELP WHAT DOES THIS MEAN?!

Posted by Guest on Wed, 04/30/2014 - 20:51
I might never see him again.

I might never see him again. I'm gonna move away.
He knows I like him, and at first, he started avoiding me. Then, something weird happened. One of my friends started teasing me about asking him out. I wasn't paying attention to what my crush's expression was (I was embarrassed) but I know he didn't verbally object. By that time, he stopped avoiding me. When we were walking in the hallway, we 'ended up' about to stand next to each other, but I took a step back, and his friend gave me a look on the lines of, "ARE YOU CRAZY?" Later, a few of us were standing at a computer cart, and he stood next to me. The guy asked me if I wanted to get one before he did. I was like, "sure," but on the inside I was confused. That was the first time (since he found out I liked him) that he talked to me without me doing something first. When he did something funny in my last class, he was looking around and smiling, but when his eyes met mine he changed his expression. I can't really flirt with him since he's a quiet guy.
Are these good signs?
Should I let him stand next to me?

Posted by Guest on Wed, 04/23/2014 - 10:51
There's this guy in my class

There's this guy in my class who is very cute and he is very shy. He's kind of a guy who is exceptional at everything he does like he's excellent in all subjects but he does not have any friend who is a girl which makes me assume that he is a shy guy. He also avoids being around girls. He is way too good looking and out of my reach. But everytime I am bored in class and looking around randomly at people, yeah I tend to do that a lot. I catch him looking at me almost everytime and when he srealises that I caught him staring at me he looks away. And he does not have any friends who are girls. But he does talk to girls when necessary. But he completely avoids talking to me and only when its very necessary he talks to me but in a very nervous ends to turn up at a lot of places and fidgety manner. Also he tends to turn up at every place I go. And when he walks out of class after the class is over he always glances over at me for a moment and turns away andh leaves. Also if I am early in class and come earlier than him, when he enters the class he looks around everywhere like he is looking for someome and then his eyes meet mine and he looks away and goes to his seat. Does he like me? :/

Posted by Guest on Sun, 03/16/2014 - 17:01
Im pretty sure that he likes

Im pretty sure that he likes me...but he didn't accept my friend request ...why could that be?

Posted by Guest on Thu, 03/06/2014 - 05:13
I think that a shy guy likes

I think that a shy guy likes ne because he does sneakily stare at me, he shows almost all the signs, but I don't think that he is entirely shy. For example he looked at me in my eyes when we were talking about something to do with school work but I felt a bit uncomfortable because he was just looking into my eyes he wouldn't look to the side or look down to the ground he just looked into my eyes. I don't really like this boy, not that much as a friend really, and he knows that but most of the time he does act like a shy guy, once he wanted to borrow my colouring pencils and he didn't really want to look at my face he just looked down at the floor but he couldn't even ask the question properly without stumbling on words. I really wish that he didn't like me because I think its sad that me and him will never be, with the way he feels about me and I don't feel anything for him. It really does creep me out when he keeps on staring at me, in every lesson he has such a clear view of me which is a pain. I would like him to just tell me, but I don't think he will.

Posted by Guest on Wed, 02/19/2014 - 14:30
There is this boy in my class

There is this boy in my class that I like (have a crush on him) ever since he called me "cute" for walking on my toes (that became a habit of mine). Sometimes when we are just sitting and listening to our teacher or we're at lunch eating I sometimes catch him looking at me with his usual expression. He also wears a hood all the time I really adore him when he takes it off when he (or we) play(s) basketball; he rarely takes it off though. I think he is shy to me as I am to him. I usually look away first before he does and I end up looking down, smiling. Sometimes I wonder if he catches on or not. He is very social with others but isn't very talkative with me, so I'm thinking he is shy, not to mention he is nicer (he is nice to others as well) to me. He has been nice giving me snacks such as Cheetos three or four times (the first three times he offered and the other was when he just did.) I also think that if I offered to give him something he would refuse nicely, while we were on a field trip at Chuck E' Cheese I got 270 tickets (thanks to Flamin' Finger.) and got a small slinky for 200 I asked if he wanted it but he said that it was okay because I earned it. Sometimes when I get near him he walks away while other times such as slight touching of the shoulders he doesn't flinch. (or at least I don't think he does.)

He is three years younger than me, I'm 17 and he's 14 (I overheard a conversation without meaning to.) He's a Freshman and I'm a Sophomore. Somehow I think I messed up by saying my age, but he would've eventually found out for sure.

Posted by Guest on Fri, 01/31/2014 - 05:44
There is this guy that is a

There is this guy that is a college inter at the church I go to and I think I may like him. I am not that much younger than him( just to clarify that I am not some creepy younger girl stalking a way older guy). He doesn't seem shy to anyone but he seems super awkward if I get remotely close to where he is standing. There is no way for him to know I like him because I am an actor and really good at controlling my emotions, facial expressions, etc...(what I am trying to get across is I am not falling all over him or making it know that I like him in a super obvious way. I am not mean or anything though. I treat him like everyone else except I make sure to smile and "accidentally" let him catch me looking at him every so often.) I think I made him nervous but he generally doesn't seem shy. I have noticed some of the characteristics you mentioned above.For example, I catch him looking and he will automatically look away. All of his actions aren't mean or anything and besides being awkward he seems to like me as a person. It is just seem weird. I know this all seems so stupid but for some reason I am really attracted to him. Please don't tell me "try getting to know him" or "Try befriending his friends" because I am working on both of those. Is it even possible for an outgoing person to be shy around particular people? I am usually good at reading people and understanding their actions but I am just lost. I am confused.

Posted by Guest on Mon, 12/02/2013 - 01:58
PLEASE HELP ME!!! There is

PLEASE HELP ME!!! There is this boy in my science class and we never have talked before and we sit on oppiste ends of the class and i always ctach him staring at me but when i look at him he will pay attention to the teacher. But when we are up close he aviods me im not sure if that means he is shy or not. Also my friend overheard him talking about a cute girl in his sciance class that he is afraid to talk too. And one more thing at luch he watches me from afar again! Help me is he a shy guy?? And does he like me??? Ps i qm 13

Posted by Guest on Sun, 10/20/2013 - 03:13
im having the same thing

im having the same thing happen to me but I did not over hear him talking to me.

Posted by Guest on Wed, 04/30/2014 - 20:54
Get to know him as a friend

Get to know him as a friend first. The way to the heart of a shy guy is friendship.

Posted by Guest on Sun, 03/16/2014 - 01:13
u should ask him

u should ask him

Posted by Guest on Wed, 12/04/2013 - 14:56
This one time this shy guy

This one time this shy guy looked at me while walking in the hall, and when i glanced over he turned his head so face i thought he was going to hit his face on the wall...... Could this be a hint? ... He's sorta avoiding me now..? I cant understand them.

Posted by Guest on Thu, 10/17/2013 - 00:15
i'm a shy guy and i tell you

i'm a shy guy and i tell you this is a comprehensive truth about shy guys

Posted by Guest on Wed, 07/10/2013 - 11:18
There is this really cute guy

There is this really cute guy at my church and i sorta think he likes me, but is too shy to talk to me. once during chapel I caught him looking back slightly above my head and he did that five times and when he finally looked at me in the eye he said Hi and quickly turned away, I thought it was cute, he does that sometimes, all he can say to me is Hi. But I can't really hang out with him, because this popular girl, Lindsay is always trying to get his attention, but when I used to be friends with Lindsay and her friends Catherine and Brianna and my crush, Lindsay would interrupt me on purpose and just be talking to my crush trying to get him to like her. He hangs out with Lindsay and her friends regularly. I stopped hanging out with Lindsay because she made me feel inferior and invisible when I would try and contribute to the conversation. I luckily have two new friends, Bernice and Etty they are very nice and I enjoy hanging out with them. I recently talked to my crush and he seemed very nervous he was very fidgety and wouldn't really be into the conversation he kept his distance and would sometimes look down at the floor. When it was time for me to leave, he told me "that was a nice conversation" and I turned back and smiled at him nodding, agreeing it 'was' nice. He then quickly walked away. I'm not sure anymore... does he like me?

Posted by Guest on Thu, 12/20/2012 - 20:26
Ok, Here it goes.I met this

Here it goes.I met this guy at the gym and we are in the same weight loss/ exercise program.Well, one day I got a really weird, scary take your breath away crap and was forced to sit out the rest of the session. Once it was done he came up o me while I as talking with Our trainer. He clasps his hand on my shoulder and asks if everything was alright . I responded of course that yes I was feeling much better. I think I was short with him because I was still rattled and angry that I couldn't finish and embarrassed that I had such a public freak out! But I noticed that he was sweet enough to be concerned from then on I've had my eye on him. I've asked our trainer about him and she told me that he is extremely shy but he's an awesome guy! I've had a hand full of conversations with him and the more I talk to him the more amazing he really is and the kicker is he doesn't know it! Every time I come in contact with him I notice he claps / pats my shoulder ? He will wait on me if he sees me walking in from the parking lot. But the thing is I can't read him . I sense there's something there maybe? But we haven't exchanged phone numbers or friended each other on Facebook he asked another girl in the program to work out with him? Our trainer knows us both really well and thinks we would be good together. I know I have it bad for this guy. I am always the one to instagate our conversations and even do goofy and silly things to bring him out of his shell ! I don't know what to do! He's like a turtle our trainer has a personal goal to get the two of us together by the end of his program. Everything we've plotted I have shot down because I'm afraid he really doesn't like me and I'll scare him back into his shell .., what can I do ? Please give me some advise ! Thank you!

Posted by Guest on Sat, 11/24/2012 - 05:05
There is one guy I like a lot

There is one guy I like a lot and so far after reading this he fits this because he stares at me and he can talk to everyone with ease but when I try to talk to him he gets super shy and makes simple replies. We both are in cross country togeter and he (in my opinion) weirdly joined key club about a week after I did. I feel like I'm seeing him sometimes just everywhere.. it still just makes me wonder if he likes me because I am slightly shy and I just don't know what to say to him.

Posted by Guest on Sat, 10/13/2012 - 08:25
im so confused. i swear to

im so confused. i swear to god. I've liked him for almost a year now and god i feel like he does like me. But he is so confusing. Like whenever im around me he gets really nervous and tries to avoid eye contact. When im also in the room he's very shy and i catch him staring at me at times. Its driving me crazy because i just want to know if he feels the way i do.

Posted by Guest on Sat, 09/08/2012 - 20:13
i have something like this

i have something like this but im in the 7th grade and im new to the school just got done with the first week but on the very first day i say this really cute boy and now i notice him staring at me and most of our class we got to seat any where in sci. he sat near me where i can see him in lanuges arts he sat in the very bac of the class but when i turn my head i can see him staring at me from the cornor of my eye once he was talking about youtube and every video he said I LOVE THEM ALL ive we also like the same youtuber Shane Dawson hes hestiant around me to he tenistes up do u think he likes me im going to talk to him monday (srry for bad spelling)

Posted by Guest on Fri, 08/17/2012 - 23:20
i have somthing like this

i have somthing like this going on too
one time he was walkin behind me and i knew he was so i turnd my head to look and he quickly lookd down to his fone,and he also holds doors for me and when i want to say thank you or smile at him he would hold the door open and just look directly at the floor or my shoes.
its soo cute.

Posted by Guest on Sun, 08/05/2012 - 16:37
well.. mine is makes eye

well.. mine is makes eye contact when he talks to me, like its almost awkward. and he stares at me a lot, but when i catch him looking at me he DOESNT LOOK AWAY!! hes so hard to read :/ but he is kinda shy and off in his own world most of the time

Posted by Guest on Sat, 05/26/2012 - 04:33
im sorry. but I don't think

im sorry. but I don't think so. or at least he is not considered a shy guy. he might just look at you as a friend. you will find your guy out there but I don't think he is interested/

Posted by Guest on Wed, 04/30/2014 - 20:59
When a guys says (through

When a guys says (through chat) that he respects a girl's feelings for him but afraid to return them, does it mean that he likes that girl?

Posted by Guest on Sat, 04/14/2012 - 06:24
My shy guy is really

My shy guy is really confident infront of other people/ large groups but when it's just us two or me him and my friend he gets really nervous and shy. I think it's sweet

Posted by Guest on Tue, 03/20/2012 - 23:23
This shy guy that i think is

This shy guy that i think is really into me, hangs out with his ex-girlfriend all the time! What does that mean?

Posted by Guest on Sun, 02/19/2012 - 00:30
Maybe he's trying to get

Maybe he's trying to get advice for you??

Posted by Guest on Fri, 06/15/2012 - 00:38
This is awesome!!! :) I think

This is awesome!!! :)
I think this shy guy likes me because he stares at me, doesn't give a ton of eye contact, is too shy to start conversation, his conversations are too plain, and... yeah :)

Posted by Guest on Sun, 02/05/2012 - 17:01
me too girl! hahah i have the

me too girl! hahah i have the same situation and this guy fits everything you've said so far! :D you definelty got him!

Posted by Guest on Mon, 02/13/2012 - 02:48
Please teach the rest of

Please teach the rest of these inetnret hooligans how to write and research!

Posted by Guest on Tue, 01/10/2012 - 22:31


Posted by Guest on Mon, 09/12/2011 - 02:55
I think shy guys are

I think shy guys are adorable, but in many cases, they are frustrating. Although they often don't mean to be, it is super cute when they blush with sheepish smile!

Posted by Guest on Fri, 09/09/2011 - 06:32

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